CNN Money Names Prescott One of 25 Best Places to Retire 2012

Prescott's biggest draws: Mild temperatures; the vast Prescott National Forest; Old West downtown.

Best if you’re looking for: Small town Median home price: $218,000 Top state income tax: 4.54% Hot summers are usually a knock against moving to Arizona. Not so with this small town 100miles north of Phoenix, which boasts distinct seasons and temperatures that rarely hit 90° F. All the better for exploring the hundreds of […]

Top 10 Reasons You Should Stage Your Home

Why You Should Consider Staging Your Prescott home

1. You Will Make More Money U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged house sells, on average, 17% higher than a non-staged house. 2. Your House Will Sell Faster = Less Headaches and Hassle The New York Village Voice reported that the average number of days on the market for a staged house […]

Prescott AZ Buyer: Did You Really Expect a Counter Offer?

Here’s an article from an agent in the great state of Hawaii that is just as relevant there as it is for Prescott and Prescott Valley real estate transactions. Here’s the original post. While teaching a class on purchase contract negotiations, I used an example of a home seller who rejected an offer.  The buyer’s agent […]

Prescott Arizona Ranks High Among Great Places to Live

Is Prescott a great place to live?  See the list below of magazines and companies that think Prescott is a great place to live and provides good value for your dollar. 1. One of the Top 5 Places to Retire – Money Magazine 2. 3rd in the country (all metro areas) for job growth and […]

Prescott Arizona Ranks #4 for Best Place to Retire:

Watson Lake

Your post-work years are a time to improve your golf game, take up a new hobby, or just enjoy a well-deserved break. In these great college towns, you can expand your intellectual horizons too. Prescott, Arizona #4 Population: 42,265 % over 50: 49% Median home price: $230,500 State income tax: 4.54%* Where to take classes: […]

Understanding the foreclosure process

Understanding and Navigating Your Way Through the Foreclosures Process By Rick Sharga, RealtyTrac Vice President of Marketing Foreclosure properties can be a terrific investment, or give home buyers a much more affordable option than traditional properties in this time of escalating prices. But, before you jump in assuming this is “real-estate for dummies” or the […]

Will You Be A Foreclosure Statistic?

By Peter G. Miller Most owners who lose their homes in a foreclosure never thought it would happen to them. It always happens to someone else you know the people who get sick, laid off, have an accident, that sort of thing. So you might think: Foreclosure. That will never happen to me. No way. […]

Five Tips for Buying a Foreclosure Property Below Market Value

By Jim Saccacio, RealtyTrac Chief Executive Officer If you feel like the escalating costs of real estate have priced you out of the market, think again. It may be time to investigate the vast opportunities available in the foreclosures market. For people willing to do a bit of homework, the foreclosure market offers some of […]

Best Places to Retire: Prescott, Arizona

By Alex Markels, US News & World Report Sepetember 20, 2007 Wilson and her husband, Jack, 66, had been plotting their escape from Chicago for years, hoping to avoid its frigid winters and hot, humid summers. “I didn’t want to deal with extreme weather anymore,” says Elizabeth, 68. Of course, when the Wilsons first arrived […]

FAQ: Short sale process in Prescott Arizona

What is a Short Sale? Simply put, a short sale is used to describe the sale of a home in which the homeowner owes the bank more than the home is worth. The bank agrees to allow the home to be sold for less than what is owed (AKA Short Sale). Would I qualify for […]